What Is The Main Function Of Wax In Offset Printing

2022-11-21   Pageview:180

What is the main function of wax in offset printing? Polyene wax mainly plays the role of wear resistance and scratch resistance in offset printing ink, and can be used in PE, PP film, moisture-proof cellophane, plastic, etc. for fructose, milk, juice, skin care products, medicine bottles, In detergent and food packaging materials.

Waxes for offset printing inks are mainly based on bearing effect and floating effect: the bearing effect is that the particle size of the polyene wax itself is similar to or slightly larger than the film thickness of the ink coating, so it is exposed, making the wax resistant to scratches and scratches Performance can be seen.

The floating effect means that due to the particle shape of the polyene wax powder, the wax drifts to the surface of the coating film and is evenly dispersed during the film formation process, so that the top layer of the coating film is protected by wax, showing that the wax is scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant. characteristics of injury.

Tianshi ultra-fine powder wax uses international high-quality polyolefin wax and polyolefin synthetic wax as raw materials. It has stable quality, uniform particle distribution, small fineness and easy dispersion. Adding 0.5-1.0% to the coating ink will result in excellent abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, scratch resistance and smooth feel.

The scope of application of Tianshi ultra-fine powder wax: varnish, industrial paint, and ink fields such as rib printing, surface printing, silk screen, letterpress, gravure and so on. It has high hardness, high melting point, good gloss, affinity for both water-based and solvent-based systems, and is suitable for various water-based and solvent-based ink coatings. The water-based ink coating layer added with this product has good hardness, excellent wear resistance, and has properties that are difficult to achieve with wax emulsions. The impact of this product on gloss is relatively small.


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