How to use Ceridust 3910

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Ceridust 3910 is used to improve the sandability of lacquer systems such as nitrocellulose and acid-curing resins and can be blended in with high-shear dispersing equipment or ball mills at an addition level of about 0.5-1.0% of the total formulation, depending on the lacquer system and formulation. To ensure sufficient wetting of the individual particles, the stirring time should be at least 15 minutes. In low viscosity systems, the additive tends to precipitate, but these loose precipitates are easily redispersed.

When used in powder coatings, Ceridust 3910 can be dry mixed with other components and then stirred well with an extruder or kneader. On porous surfaces, it acts as a degassing agent and should not be added at more than 1%.















The matting agent has a good matting effect, can obtain a matting effect, and the obtained coating film has good leveling properties, physical and mechanical properties and weather resistance. This matting curing agent and XG665 matting curing agent are the same type of acrylic resin, and the curing condition is 200℃X15min.
YH-218 matting curing agent is the same series of products as YH-208 matting curing agent. The coating film has excellent weather resistance and is carefully designed in terms of matting performance. Its technical indicators are basically in the same range as YH-208 matting curing agent, but the gloss of the powder coating film prepared with it is in the sub-gloss range. Under the condition that the total amount of matting agent remains unchanged, YH-218 matting curing agent and YH-208 matting curing agent can replace each other. When the amount of YH-218 matting curing agent increases, the gloss of the coating film increases, while YH- When the amount of 218 matting curing agent is reduced, the gloss of the coating film will decrease.

03AG500 matting curing agent AG500 clearing curing agent is similar to XG665 and YH-208 matting curing agent, it contains glycidyl acrylic resin type matting curing agent, epoxy equivalent 500~570, viscosity (165℃) 40.0~60.0Pa*s, The glass transition temperature is 65°C, the polyester resin in the formula: AG500=75125, the curing condition is 200°C for 10 minutes, and the weather-resistant powder coating with smooth appearance and good mechanical strength can be obtained.

①KT309 matting curing agent KT309 matting curing agent produced by Hefei Ketai Chemical Co., Ltd. is an acrylic resin based on epoxy acrylic and carboxyl acrylic. In the curing process, the acrylic resin and TGI C form a wide-ranging reaction with the polyester resin, resulting in two The difference in the reaction speed of different curing systems, this difference makes the compatibility between the reaction products poor, and ultimately leads to the matting effect of the coating film. This kind of matting curing agent can be used to adjust the amount of matting curing agent to obtain coating films with different gloss, which is mainly used for polyester powder coatings cured by TGI C.

49PriMatA 5 matting curing agent The KT309 matting curing agent produced by Guangzhou Zehe Chemical Materials Research and Development Company is based on GMA acrylic resin, combined with an accelerator to form a curing agent, as a curing agent to participate in the reaction of the polyester/HAA system, forming two types Different reactive curing systems have different curing reaction speeds from the HAA system, and the compatibility of the reaction products is not good, resulting in the matting effect of the coating film. Using this matting curing agent, a smooth matting coating film with a 60° gloss of 10% or less can be obtained.


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