What Kind Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) Is Used For Water-based Crayons?

2024-01-16   Pageview:184

What kind of polyethylene wax(PE Wax) is used for water-based crayons? The water-soluble crayon oil pastel looks like a crayon and can be used as a crayon for crayon drawings. It is not only moderately soft and hard, but also smooth and delicate during use. After the painted painting is dipped in water or the brush is dipped in water, After further drawing on the pastel painting, it will become a kind of watercolor painting.

Special polyethylene wax for crayons and oil pastels:
(1) It can improve the dispersion level of pigments. During the processing of pigments, this product is first melted with resin, coated on the surface of the pigment and penetrated into the internal pores of the pigment agglomerates, weakening the cohesion and causing the pigment agglomerates to be affected by external shear force. It is easier to open underneath, and the newly formed particles can be quickly moistened and protected.
(2) Reduce system viscosity and improve fluidity. Due to its low viscosity and good compatibility with pigments, this product can reduce system viscosity and improve fluidity during production and processing, thereby improving production efficiency and increasing output.

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