Japan Royopco defoamer SN345

2021-08-27   Pageview:331

The Japanese Royopco defoamer – model sn345, this defoamer is used for high elasticity coatings. This Royopco SN345 defoamer is also a silicone defoamer, its main feature is the strong defoaming and foam inhibition ability. SN-DEFOAMER 345 has no residual microfoam, which makes the coating film more beautiful and free of defects. SN-DEFOAMER 345 has little effect on gloss and is most suitable for once-coated elastomeric coatings. This defoamer can also be applied to: single and multi-layer elastic coatings, high viscosity elastic coatings, water-based inks, water-based adhesives and other industries.











Many manufacturers in the selection of defoamer is always very distressed, because it is not easy to find a suitable defoamer. China has a lot of imported brands of defoamer, such as the United States Dow Corning, Teco, BASF and so on.

The main component of the Japanese Royopco defoamer model TP-39 is silicone.

TP-39 is an amide type water-based coating defoamer, suitable for decorative materials and high PVC coatings with colored cement (mortar) for exterior spraying. TP-39 has excellent continuous defoaming ability, which can prevent the coating from foaming for a long time. TP-39 has the ability of foam inhibition, which can make the coating film without residual foam, shrinkage, etc. TP-39 has little effect on the tonality of the coating. This defoamer is also easy to use. It is recommended to add 0.1-0.5% of the coating mass. In addition, it is recommended to add half of each in the grinding stage and paint blending stage when using.

TP-80A is a synthetic paraffin wax used for candles, rubber plastics, MDF and chipboards, hot melt adhesives, wax emulsions, etc.


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