How does wax emulsion improve the anti-stick of waterborne paint

2021-08-06   Pageview:374

Anti-stick wax emulsion not only will not affect the water resistance of paint, but also can increase the water resistance performance of water-based paint and make the effect more lasting.

Anti-stick wax emulsion is water-soluble and environmentally friendly non-ionic, emulsified with special neutral non-ionic emulsifier to avoid the shortcomings of unstable and easy delamination with alkaline saponification before, and it is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, hard water-resistant, water-soluble, stable emulsion, no delamination, no milk-breaking, no lumping, long shelf life, high solid content and good dispersibility in any proportion of water dilution.

The use of wax emulsion chemical can not only improve the scratch resistance of paint, but also affect the adhesion resistance and gloss of paint. One of the mechanisms of wax emulsion can be called floating theory, that is, after the wax emulsion is dispersed into the coating system, in the process of physical drying or curing cross-linking after the coating construction, the wax particles will drift to the surface of the paint, and gradually migrate to the surface of the coating, thus playing a certain protective role. Wax particles themselves have very poor adhesion, not easy to stick with other materials, so it can significantly improve the anti-scratch performance of the paint film. Therefore, it can significantly improve the anti-scratch performance and anti-back stickiness of the paint film.

In water-based coating systems, water-based waxes are mainly used as additives in the form of solid water-based micronized waxes and liquid water-based wax emulsions and dispersions.


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