How To Choose Wax Emulsion In Ink System

2022-11-24   Pageview:338

How to choose wax emulsion in ink system? There are many types of waxes used in the ink industry, such as polyethylene wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, polypropylene wax, Fischer-Tropsch wax, PTFE wax, etc. Among them, polyethylene wax has become the main type of wax in the ink industry due to its excellent performance, reasonable cost, easy compounding with other waxes, and many modification methods.

Wax ions are added to ink in the form of solid particles, so their microscopic morphology has a great impact on product performance. Generally speaking, we only provide the average particle size and particle size range of wax products. The particle shape is rarely described, but the same particle size, wax particles with different microscopic morphology are very different in changing the friction coefficient and gloss of the ink coating surface.

Particles whose microscopic morphology is spherical can achieve the smoothness and abrasion resistance of irregular particles with only half of the added amount. Tianshi spherical wax powder can do it. The spherical wax particles are evenly distributed in The surface of the coating increases the light reflection effect of the coating, so that the coating with larger wax particles still has an ideal gloss, so as to take into account the friction resistance and gloss of the ink coating, which is very important for high The production of file ink is particularly important.

Selection criteria for wax emulsion or wax powder for ink products:
1. Choose the appropriate wax product according to the gloss of the product;
2. Improvement of surface properties (abrasion resistance, slipperiness, anti-blocking) of products with the same dosage (or equivalent value);
3. The technological requirements of the processing process;
4. Storage stability performance.

Water-based inks are mainly used in flexographic printing and gravure printing. According to different requirements, the wax emulsion used is different. At the same time, the gloss of the water-based ink affects the appearance of the finished product. After adding the wax emulsion, in the water-based system It can not change the resin system or affect the formula, and at the same time endow the ink with various properties such as high gloss, hand feel, matt, and extinction.


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