Does Ink And Wax Affect The Surface Gloss?

2022-11-24   Pageview:362

Does ink and wax affect the surface gloss? The wax emulsion has a significant effect on improving the gloss of the ink, and the effect is remarkable. The small particle size of the wax emulsion can fully penetrate into the ink system, giving the ink gloss, feel and other properties.

wax dispertions

1. How to improve the gloss of water-based ink? The gloss of the ink should be solved from the auxiliary agent, and more products can be considered, among which the wax emulsion has obvious effect and the operation is simpler.
2. Why can wax emulsion improve the gloss of water-based ink? The wax particles are added to the water ink in the form of powder, water dispersion, etc., through the migration of the wax particles in the drying process to the surface of the dry ink coating, which changes the performance of the coating surface (reflection of light). , refraction and scattering; change in the coefficient of friction of the coating; change in the hardness and mechanical properties of the coating surface), thus the gloss of the ink (increase or reduce the gloss), feel (smooth, oily moisturizing or even astringent), anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, adhesion, etc.
3. What are the requirements of the water-ink system for wax emulsions? Wax emulsions are mainly used in high gloss systems, such as various varnishes. The first requirement is that the transparency and gloss of the system cannot be affected. Therefore, the particle size of wax emulsion particles is required to be less than 0.2 μm, and the particle size of mainstream foreign products is below 0.1 μm. During the drying process of the ink, some wax particles migrate to the surface of the coating due to flotation (difference in density), and play the role of anti-wear and anti-scratch. Since only part of the wax particles migrate to the surface, adding the same amount of wax emulsion will definitely not have the same wear-resisting effect as wax powder and wax slurry.

In order to prevent the precipitation of wax powder during water-ink storage, high-shear dispersion equipment and some wetting and dispersing additives should be used when wax powder is dispersed in water-ink. These additives are all surfactants. range. In the early production of wax slurry and wax emulsion, there was a phenomenon of excessive use of surfactants. Due to the use of high-performance surfactant systems and the improvement of emulsification and homogenization equipment, the current consumption of emulsifiers has been greatly reduced. The problem of poor water resistance caused by excessive surfactant content has also been solved. From the perspective of customer convenience, wax slurry is more effective than wax powder


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