The role of polyethylene wax in color masterbatches

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The dispersion mechanism of polyethylene wax in masterbatches, using color masterbatches has the following advantages.

1. make the pigment in the product have good dispersion color masterbatch production process must be fine treatment of pigment to improve the dispersion and coloring power of pigment. The carrier of the special masterbatch is the same as the plastic species of the product, which has good matching, and the pigment particles can be well dispersed in the product plastic after heating and melting. 2.

2. It helps to keep the chemical stability of the pigment. If the pigment is used directly, the pigment will absorb water and oxidation due to the direct contact with air during the storage and use process.

The color masterbatch particles are similar to resin particles, so it is more convenient and accurate to measure, and it will not stick to the container when mixing, and it is more evenly mixed with resin, so it can ensure the stability of the added amount, and thus ensure the stability of the color of the products.

4. Protect the operator’s health The pigment is generally in the form of powder, which is easy to fly when adding and mixing, and will affect the operator’s health after being inhaled by human body.

 Dispersion mechanism of polyethylene wax in color masterbatch.

(1) Higher thermal stability:

Polyethylene wax needs to have a good thermal stability, if its gasification into decomposition, it will have a bad impact on the masterbatch and products, there are some any point of material, such as paraffin wax after heat weight loss test at 200 ℃, paraffin wax weight loss of 10% in 4 minutes, and weight loss of more than 20% in 10 minutes, so there are some cheap polyethylene will add some low molecular weight substances such as paraffin wax, is will have a certain impact on the quality of the masterbatch and later product processing.

(2) Proper molecular weight:

Through the dispersion test of different molecular weight polyethylene wax, with the increase of molecular weight, the ability of the wax to divide the pigment is gradually improved, for the masterbatch production process, it is more suitable to choose the polyethylene wax with molecular weight of 3000.

(3) Narrower molecular weight distribution:

The molecular weight distribution has a certain influence on the dispersion performance of PE wax, and the wax with narrow molecular weight distribution has better dispersion performance than the one with wide molecular weight distribution.

 Advantages of polyethylene wax for color masterbatch.

1, Good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature and good dispersibility.

2, It has moisture resistance at room temperature, chemical resistance, electrical properties, etc.

3, as a lubricant, its chemical properties are stable, excellent electrical properties, can improve plastic processing fluidity and off model, improve plastic processing spitting volume.

4, The product has narrow molecular weight distribution, moderate hardness, stable color and luster, and the quality is comparable to imported wax.


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