How To Solve The Fogging Problem Caused By Gravure Ink

2022-11-28   Pageview:466

How to solve the fogging problem caused by gravure ink? The fogging problem can often be solved by improving the fluidity of the ink, the reason is that after the fluidity of the ink is improved, that is, low-viscosity printing. Reduce the impact of the ink on the scraper, so that the scraper can scrape the ink in the empty part cleanly.

1. Appropriate application of extender pigments: After adding extender pigments, it is filled in the resin encapsulating the pigments, which further enhances the body of the ink, reduces the viscosity of the ink under the same printing viscosity, and improves the squeegee. Squeegeeing performance.

2. The maximum use of wax powder: the particles of wax powder are easily dissociated on the surface of the ink, which enhances the squeegee performance of the squeegee. And without grinding, the effect of solving the fogging problem will be reduced.

3. Use appropriate wetting and dispersing additives: The purpose of adding wetting and dispersing additives to the formula is to solve the problems existing in the formula system, including the poor dispersion of pigments, and the inability of pigments to be coated by various synthetic resins. The stability of the system itself is very poor, and these problems are not solved well, which often lead to the problem of plate fog. It is recommended to use a dispersant.

4. The use of additives to solve the problem of fog printing: a kind of reducing the affinity of the composite ink and the chrome layer of the printing plate, so that the ink is not easy to adhere to the printing plate.

According to different effects, the water-based wax additives added to the surface of the ink, for example, can improve the brightness of the ink film, increase the sensitivity of the ink film, and improve the abrasion resistance of the paint film.


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