Application of PE wax emulsions in the water-based inks

2021-07-14   Pageview:554

Water-based wax emulsions are used in coating and ink systems, mainly to increase the hardness of the paint film to achieve scratch resistance, friction resistance, improve the feel, anti-adhesive, waterproof and other characteristics. Polyethylene wax emulsion, different ways of adding can give the system different gloss, can be used as dispersant, anti-wear agent, brightening agent, etc., widely used in the ink and coating industry.

Characteristics of PE wax emulsion in water-based ink:

1, Feel cool, wear resistance, scratch resistance

After the polyethylene wax emulsion is added to the water-based ink, the wax drifts to the surface of the coating film in the process of film formation and is evenly dispersed, forming a wax protective layer on the coating film, reducing the coefficient of friction, so the wear resistance and smoothness of the coating are excellent, and the direction of the coating force is changed, improving the scratch resistance of the coating.

2, The effect of polyethylene wax emulsion particle size on the gloss of the coating

Visible light wavelength is 400-700nm, when the particle size of polyethylene wax emulsion is less than 1/2 of visible light wavelength, i.e. ≤200nm, it will produce light diffraction, which can improve the gloss of the coating. It is generally believed that the larger the variation of the particle size of wax emulsion, the more obvious its gloss effect; in addition, the gloss of the coating and the crystallinity of the wax also have a certain relationship.

The characteristics of PE wax emulsions need to be used in the characteristic water-based resin system in order to give full play to their unique properties, for example, water-based polyurethane, acrylic emulsions, etc.


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