Influence of PE wax on asphalt modification

2021-06-03   Pageview:613

Wax has an influence on the three major indicators of asphalt. Asphalt with high wax content and asphalt with the same grade with low wax content will increase the softening point, decrease the ductility, increase the penetration, and reduce the water damage resistance of the asphalt mixture. Adhesion to the aggregate becomes poor, easy to peel off, and rutting at high temperature.

At low temperatures, the asphalt will become brittle and hard, resulting in reduced low-temperature crack resistance of the pavement and cracks. In addition, wax will reduce the adhesion of asphalt and stones, and will cause pavement stones to peel off under water conditions. Causing road damage, and more serious, waxy asphalt will reduce the anti-skid performance of asphalt pavement and affect the driving safety of the road.

The wax content of asphalt is the content of wax that crystallizes in a prescribed solvent and low temperature after the oil is distilled off by steaming.

Impact on asphalt mixture pavement:
1, Soft at high temperature. Therefore, the asphalt mixture mixed with asphalt with high wax content is also easy to become soft and has poor high temperature stability.

2, Hard and brittle at low temperature, and the deformability is poor under low temperature conditions, so the low temperature deformability of the asphalt mixture pavement is poor.

3, Easy to peel off the asphalt and aggregate (that is, reduce the adhesion).

4, Wax is easily wrapped on the surface of the stone, which reduces the anti-skid performance of the asphalt mixture pavement.

5, Inaccurate indoor test data, thus affecting the quality of asphalt mixture pavement.

PE wax for road marking paint features:
1, high melting point: high softening point, which can improve the heat resistance of the coating;
2, Dry fast: the coating is quickly cooled, and the construction pavement can be opened 30% in advance;
3, High hardness: the coating film protects the coating film, prevents scratches and abrasions, and improves abrasion resistance;
4, In the viscosity: prevents the hard deposition of auxiliary materials such as glass beads, and increases the qualified service life of the coating;
5, High strength: toughness, effectively improving the strength of road markings;
6, Good wet: it can wet the titanium dioxide well, can give full play to the hiding power of the titanium dioxide, and increase the whiteness of the marking paint; application scenarios: high and medium-grade hot-melt road marking paint, hot-melt raised marking paint , Hot-melt color non-slip pavement etc.


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