Physical properties of OIT-20, a dry film anti-mildew agent for oil-based coatings

2021-10-21   Pageview:696

Appearance: light yellow to amber transparent liquid
Effective substance content: 20 (%)
Content: 20 (%)
PH value use range : 4.0-6.0

The active ingredient of OIT-20 is 2-nocty1-4-isotHiazoline-3-one (OIT). It is an emerging mold inhibitor for oil-based coatings and has been widely used in oil-based coatings, polyethylene, polyurethane and other polymers with good compatibility with plastics.












Increase the amount of cobalt drier to accelerate the curing of the surface, thereby increasing the number of solvents to be sealed, and promoting fogging,

The blooming of the paint refers to the loss of gloss due to the formation of a surface film on the surface of the paint film. The cause of blooming is that when the paint film oxidizes the conjunctiva, the double bond splits to form polar groups such as COOH, -OH, and CHO. Because it is distributed on the surface of the paint film, it has strong ft wax price hydrophilicity and promotes water Spreading on the surface absorbs the ammonium sulfate in the air. When the water evaporates, the ammonium sulfate will precipitate and frost.

The blooming of the paint is related to its binder. Paints based on linseed oil are less prone to blooming than oil-based paints containing tung oil. Glycerol alkyd resin has quite good anti-blooming properties. The pentaerythritol alkyd resin is easy to bloom, so the amount of drier should be properly controlled.

The oxidative drying characteristics of cobalt driers promote the rupture of double bonds and produce polar group distribution surfaces. Therefore, the large amount of cobalt driers will increase blooming. The lead drier is a polymeric preparation to reduce the tendency of oxidative bond breaking, and has the same sol effect as the calcium drier, so that low-molecular-weight substances are lost, reducing the spread of water on the surface of the paint film and improving the effect. Frost phenomenon, so it is advisable to use the least amount of cobalt drier in the binder that is easy to bloom, add manganese or needle drier to replace part of the drill drier, and add lead and calcium drier to reduce Frost tendency.


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