Classification of silicone defoamers

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In view of the different application environment requirements of defoamers, silicone defoamers mainly include the following types:
Fluid type: inert, low-toxic silicone oil, wide viscosity range, defoamer in non-aqueous systems
Dispersion type: aliphatic solvent dispersion, mainly used for applications in oil and natural gas production processes
Compound: 100% active ingredient-oily, hydrophobic silica powder to improve defoaming efficiency, mainly used in non-aqueous systems
Emulsion: defoamer compound emulsified in water, suitable for controlling foam in aqueous system applications
Concentrate: high-concentration polyether modified self-emulsifying product
Powder: solid powder compound defoamer, which can be added to dry products to prevent foaming when adding liquid, such as adding to washing powder










Water-based paint defoamer is for primer defoamer, top coat defoamer water-based wood paint, industrial paint, water-based paint blending, water-based paint, engineering paint, water-based industrial paint with defoamer, paint industry, water-based all kinds of baking paint and other systems produced by the foam has a special effect.

Self-leveling defoamer is composed of polyether ester, ether, alcohol, mineral oil, hydrophobic silica, silicone resin, dispersant and stabilizer, and other components of self-leveling defoamer. It is suitable for all kinds of water-based coating systems and has the advantages of strong versatility, good defoaming effect, excellent durability, elimination of pinhole, good leveling performance, no shrinkage, no surface defects or affect the film-forming properties and so on. It is a coating type defoamer with excellent performance to price ratio.

To be the additive or processing agent for light industry, chemical industry, and petroleum industry , PEWO-0596 can be used additive  in PVC processing, hot melt adhesive, textile finishing, paperboard box moisture-proofing, remover of paper industries, coatings, precision casting mold, and plastic packaging.


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