What Is The Role Of Wax Powder In Water-based Ink Coatings

2022-11-15   Pageview:342

What is the role of wax powder in water-based ink coatings? Wax is a commonly used paint and ink additive. The most commonly used variety in solvent-based systems is micropowder wax. Its material types are generally polyene wax and polytetrafluoroene wax. The main functions are: Anti-scratch and abrasion resistance, but also improve hand feel, anti-blocking, anti-sticking, anti-water and other properties.

In the water-based coating system, wax as an additive mainly includes water-based micropowder wax in solid form and wax emulsion and wax dispersion in liquid form. The main advantage of water-based micropowder wax is that it does not contain emulsifier, which has no effect on the water resistance of the coating ink after film formation.

The advantages of wax emulsions and wax dispersions are that they are easy to use, have many product specifications, and have a wide range of choices. The disadvantage is that they must fully consider the matching relationship with the ph value and ionicity of the water-based resin system, and consider the wax emulsion and wax dispersion. The shelf life of the body product and the high temperature and low temperature resistance of storage and transportation.

The gloss and transparency of wax in water-based paint and ink are affected by many factors, the most important of which are the difference in refractive index between wax material and resin and the fineness of wax. The difference in refractive index is not easy to analyze, and the difference in fineness is easy to analyze. . Generally, in varnishes or varnishes with thinner coating thickness, the same type of wax has the lowest gloss and the worst transparency when the fineness is about 1um under the same dosage conditions.

When the wax emulsion is used in the water system, the influence of the co-solvent on the stability of the wax emulsion should be considered, especially if methanol alcohol is used as the co-solvent, the wax emulsion should be selected from products with good alcohol resistance, wax dispersions When used in waterborne systems, the interaction of defoamers and wax dispersions should be investigated.


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