Classification of water-based paint wetting agents

2021-09-24   Pageview:323

Wetting agents for water-based coatings are divided into anionic and non-ionic types.

The combination of wetting agent and dispersing agent can achieve ideal results. The amount of humectant is generally a few thousandths. Its negative effect is to foam and reduce the water resistance of the coating film.














If the pigment surface is alkaline, the resin polymer used is acidic, and the dispersant should also be anionic. If the dispersant is first adsorbed on the surface of the pigment, the acid value of the dispersant must be greater than that of the resin polymer. value. In addition, when grinding the color paste, the concentration of the resin solution should be low, preferably between 20% and 30%, and the macromolecules in the resin should be forced to adsorb on the surface of the pigment. The color/kid ratio should also be as high as possible. The batching procedure should be: the solvent, wetting and dispersing agent, and the pigment are stirred for a certain period of time, and finally the resin solution is added.

If you want the wetting and dispersing agent to act only as a supplement, pe wax emulsion msds then you must adjust the concentration of the resin solution, which can be controlled at 30% to 40% depending on the pigment. The resin solution and the dispersant can be added at the same time, or the wetting and dispersing agent can be added first. The amount of wetting and dispersing agent added should be controlled at a low limit. At this time, the wetting and dispersing agent only plays the role of wetting, allowing the polymer of the resin to be more adsorbed on the surface of the pigment, relying on it to control the stability of the dispersion system.

This method is more suitable for resin polymer dispersion systems with fewer resin polar groups and larger molecular weights.


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