How FT wax improves PVC lubricants

2021-06-04   Pageview:455

Fischer-Tropsch wax has obvious synergistic effect with stabilizers for PVC processing, which can effectively extend the heat stabilization time and increase the adjustment range of process temperature. High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax is especially obvious in the processing of CPVC resin, because the processing parameters of CPVC resin are narrowly adjusted to increase the processing difficulty of the product. The choice of high melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax can effectively improve the later lubrication of CPVC product processing, enhance the appearance of the product and mechanical properties.

1. Lubricants for PVC. PVC commonly used heat stabilizers, lubricants, impact inhibitors, processing aids, pigments and other additives for different purposes are formulated according to the product performance requirements, to ensure product quality and processing process requirements, while reducing the cost of the formulation as much as possible. Lubricant is one of the very important influencing factors affecting the processing of PVC resin, mainly to improve the fluidity of PVC resin processing and product release.

2. Fischer-Tropsch wax lubrication balance mechanism. The main feature of external lubricant is interface lubrication. In the process of external lubricant can easily migrate to the product surface or the interface between melt and processing machinery, molecular orientation arrangement, through physical adsorption formation to form a lubricant molecular layer. The internal lubricant can be dissolved into the polymer molecular chain to reduce the internal friction, reduce the melt viscosity, increase the melting rate of plastic, and improve the plasticizing performance.

3. Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax to improve the processing properties of PVC products. PVC resin processing has poor fluidity, poor thermal stability, easy decomposition and other characteristics, the production of products with brittle and poor impact resistance. So need to add a variety of auxiliary in the processing process to improve performance. In the processing of PVC resin, the choice of lubricant is crucial, oxidized waxes are suitable. This reduces the difficulty of formulation design and effectively improves the efficiency of the use of impact inhibitors and processing aids.

Fischer-Tropsch waxes are mainly used as external lubricants in the production of PVC. Fischer-Tropsch synthetic waxes have small molecular weight, low melt viscosity, high melting point, narrow melting range, and the same lubricating effect can be achieved with less dosage, reducing the negative impact of lubricants on the physical and mechanical properties of products, and having the irreplaceable advantages of PE waxes in the adjustment of internal and external lubrication balance.


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