Uses of Polyethylene Wax Emulsion(PE Wax Emulsion) In Coatings

2024-07-09   Pageview:31

The uses of polyethylene wax emulsion in coatings are very extensive. Polyethylene wax emulsion can improve wear resistance, anti-caking, and matte properties in coatings, and improve flow and extrusion efficiency.

wax dispertions

(1) Slipperiness, wear resistance, and scratch resistance. After polyethylene wax emulsion is added to water-based ink, the wax emulsion drifts to the surface of the coating during the film formation process, disperses evenly, and forms a wax protective layer on the coating, which reduces the friction coefficient. Therefore, the wear resistance and slipperiness of the coating are excellent. At the same time, it also changes the direction of the coating force and improves the scratch resistance of the coating.

(2) The effect of emulsion particle size on the gloss of the coating. The wavelength of visible light is 400-700nm. When the particle size of polyethylene wax emulsion is less than 1/2 of the wavelength of visible light, that is, ≤200nm, light diffraction will occur, thereby improving the gloss of the coating. It is generally believed that the greater the change in the particle size of the wax emulsion, the more obvious its gloss effect; in addition, the gloss of the coating is also related to the crystallinity of the wax. The particle size of the wax emulsion has reached the nanometer level, which is the best surface protector for high-gloss ink systems.

(3) Texture and matte: When the coating cools, the polyethylene wax emulsion precipitates from the coating liquid and migrates to the surface of the coating, producing a pattern and matte effect.

(4) Effect on pigment dispersion: The polyethylene wax emulsion enhances the wetting and dispersion of pigment agglomerates, thereby improving the pigment coloring strength.

(5) Waterproofness: The wax-containing coating has better hydrophobicity.

In the water-based coating system, the water-based wax as an additive mainly includes solid water-based micro-powder wax and liquid wax emulsion and water-based wax dispersion. TIANSHI water-based paints commonly use oxidized polyethylene emulsions with a melting range of 90~145℃, which are light yellow and translucent, odorless and tasteless, with excellent strength and toughness. Polyethylene wax emulsions are widely used in food packaging containers, textiles, resin finishing agents, softeners, printing inks, water-based paints, printing pastes, water-based varnishes and other industries.


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