Application of wetting agent HY-352

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Coating wetting agent HY-352 is suitable for the preparation of water-based coatings and color pastes, etc.

The recommended dosage (wt%, by weight of color filler): 0.1~1.0% for inorganic powder and 0.1~5.0% for organic powder.












Production and application of drier
Production of driers
The traditional production method of the drier is to add lead, manganese and other metal oxides such as yellow pyrrolidone and pyrolusite during the smelting of the paint, and react with the fatty acids in the oil to form metal soaps. The saponification degree is different due to the change of the smelting operation conditions, so the metal content of the drier made is not constant, the color is also darker, and it is easy to precipitate during storage. Therefore, commercial driers use melting or precipitation methods to make various metal soap solutions, which are added during paint mixing.

Drier made by melting method
The melting method is prepared by heating oils or organic acids with metal oxides or salts. Naphthenic acid can interact with metal oxides or salts at about 100°C, while oil is metal montana car wax oxides or salts at 200~250°C. Decomposed into fatty acids and further saponified.

The advantages of the melting method are low cost and simple operation. weakness is:
① The heating temperature is high, and some metal oxides react too slowly, which may cause carbonization and darken the color before the reaction is complete;
②) The reaction is not complete, and 10%-20% of metal oxides precipitate without effect, especially the yellow Dan with high relative density is easier to precipitate, so that the metal content of the metal soap produced is quite different from the content calculated according to the feeding amount;
③During the reaction, its viscosity will thicken. For example, rosin soap is more viscous and difficult to stir;
④ Heat directly with fire, easy to catch fire.
The recent improvement of the melting method is to heat the solvent, organic acid and metal compound together, and use the solvent reflux method to take out the generated water. This solvent method can reduce the reaction temperature and the viscosity of the metal soap.


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