The benefits of anti-mold agent for paints

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After the coating mold, it will lead to viscosity and adhesion loss, the surface of the paint film mold not only makes the coating lose protection and decorative function, mold scattered in the environment, but also cause pollution to the environment.

Usually adding anti-mildew agent is an effective way to prepare anti-mildew coatings from mold erosion, anti-mildew coatings prepared with coating anti-mildew agent can be widely used in industries such as food, MSG plants, slaughterhouses, food processing plants, pharmaceuticals, beverages, breweries and other special industries with high health requirements.













More traditional hydroperoxide decomposers also include phosphites and thiodipropionate series, which can decompose gas peroxides into non-radical stable products and inhibit further oxidative degradation of polymers. Hydroperoxide decomposer can play a role in all stages of hydroperoxide appearance, and it is a kind of more effective polymer light stabilizer.

Reactive light stabilizer
Copolymerized cross-linked light stabilizer
Most light stabilizers with simple structure have defects in compatibility and volatilization migration. They convert 2-hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole and hindered piperidine amine into multifunctional products, oligomers, or attach long-chain groups. , Can alleviate the above-mentioned contradictions to a certain extent, such as Tinuvin 123, Tinuvin622LD, Tinuvin 770, Tinuvin292, Chimassorb944FD, etc. currently on the pure ptfe powder market. For similar purposes, the light stabilizer can be converted into a polymerizable form, which is suitable for the light curing system. When the light crosslinks to form a film, the light stabilizer participates in the polymerization and crosslinking and is fixed in the crosslinking network. Overcoming the problems of compatibility and migration and volatilization is conducive to ensuring the long-term light stability of the coating.

Ault z has researched and developed a type of acrylated benzotriazole UVA[s 5], which is a polymerizable UVA. In the photocurable coating system, it can be copolymerized and crosslinked with monomers and resins, and is firmly bonded to In the cross-linked network, the photosensitive center absorbs the 290~400mm light source, but does not interfere with the color of the coating matrix. The copolymerized UVA was once produced by John-son & Johnson, and the trade name is Nor bloc 7966.


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