Matting agent for uv coating

2021-09-16   Pageview:898

UV light-curing coatings because of the absence of volatile organic solvents, wet film drying shrinkage is very small, and the drying time is short. Overall, matting is difficult. Grace recently developed syloidRAD2005 and 2105 average particle size is small, pore volume is small, the actual measurement value of only 0.9ML/G, the surface of the special organic treatment agent up to 20%, but will not cause “hidden bubbles “, high extinction efficiency.














When the solid content of the coating exceeds 70%, it is difficult to mattify. For high solids alkyd coatings and polyurethane coatings matting, crude silica matting agent is the most effective. And to a higher dosage.

Combined with the mechanism of gloss generation on the surface of the coating film and the factors affecting the gloss, it is believed that matting is the use of various means to destroy the smoothness of the coating film, increase the surface microscopic roughness of the coating film and reduce the reflection of light on the surface of the coating film. It can be divided into two ways: physical matting and chemical matting.

The principle of physical matting is to add matting agent to make the surface of the coating film uneven, which increases the scattering and reduces the reflection of light. Chemical matting relies on the introduction of polypropylene grafting substances such as structures or groups that can absorb light to obtain low gloss.

The above is the use of coating matting agent, cationic paraffin wax emulsion is a good choice.


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