The Difference Between Paint Degreaser And Water-based Wax

2022-11-08   Pageview:298

What is the difference between paint degreaser and water-based wax? The paint water repellent can make the surface of the paint achieve a lotus leaf-like water repellent effect, which inspires people to develop coatings and paints, so that the wall is not polluted like the surface of the lotus, and the color is always bright, and the water-based wax can Used as lotus leaf dehydrating aid.

wax additive

The lotus leaf water repellent is used in various water-based coatings, water-soluble resins, water-based resins, water-based pigments, water-based inks, water-based glue, etc., and water-based wax is one of the main raw materials for lotus leaf water-repellent agents. , in which it plays a hydrophobic effect, and can also play the following effects:
1. Strong water repellency, water repellency, water resistance, and can effectively prevent the penetration of effective water molecules;
2. Effectively solve the anti-sticking and anti-fouling properties, and make the surface of the coating film smoother;
3. It can reduce the water absorption and cracking of the coating film, and the surface lotus leaf effect is remarkable.

The role of water-based wax in paint water repellent. Water-based wax is also a substance with very low surface tension. It can be dispersed in water together with emulsifiers and other additives to obtain stable wax emulsion. . The emulsion is added to the latex paint system. After film formation, the insoluble wax can fill the voids of the paint film surface to form a continuous thin layer, thereby reducing the surface tension of the paint film and achieving the purpose of water repellency. .


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