What is yarn smoothing agent?

2021-06-26   Pageview:347

Yarn smoothing agent LW-109C is a non-ionic wax based water emulsion, with good stability, high temperature yellowing resistance, lubricity.

Characteristics of wax emulsion for textile:

There are many processes in the production of yarns. The physical properties of the yarn are the most core problem. If the physical properties of the yarn (such as strength, Elongation, smoothness, softness) are affected, no matter how beautiful the color and the texture are, it is useless.

Wax emulsion is a multi-phase emulsion of natural wax, synthetic wax and other materials dispersed in water under the action of emulsifier; it is an emulsion in which water replaces organic solvents, and has important advantages of safety and environmental protection. Wax emulsions are used as softeners and lubricants in textile finishing, which can give textiles a soft hand and good smoothness.

The wax emulsion LW-109C developed by Nanjing Tianshi has acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, and emulsion stability. It can be diluted with water in any ratio without delamination, demulsification, no agglomeration, long shelf life, and solid content. High, good dispersibility and other excellent properties; at the same time, it is found through application experiments that compared with some commonly used domestic and foreign textile wax emulsions, LW-109C can ensure yarn strength, elongation, smoothness, softness, whiteness and other physical properties. The above has sufficient advantages.

The advantages of wax emulsion LW-109C:

1. Wax emulsion LW-109C can be miscible with water in any proportion, has good dispersion, good stability, and no yellowing;

2. Compared with other four wax emulsions, LW-109C can tightly hold the yarn, make the yarn have greater strength and elastic elongation, at the same time reduce the mechanical friction resistance of the yarn, and improve the smoothness of the yarn. Has comprehensive advantages;

3. The yarn finished with wax emulsion LW-109C has no yellowing, and has good hydrophilicity and hand feeling.

Tianshi Textile Application Laboratory:

Tianshi Textile Application Laboratory has PH meter, centrifuge, electronic balance, water bath, high-speed winder, cheese dyeing machine, dehydrator, dryer, digital yarn moisture meter, yarn length measuring instrument, A series of professional equipment such as electronic yarn twist tester, electronic strength tester, yarn dynamic friction coefficient tester, whiteness tester, etc., are fully capable of testing and testing yarn products independently.

Finishing process:

Pour the tapered tube white cotton yarn into a straight tube yarn by a high-speed winder at a speed of 500 laps/min, and then place the straight tube yarn in the cheese dyeing machine, and inject water to make the liquor ratio 1:10 , After soaking for 10 minutes to make the yarn wetting, add wax emulsion at a dosage of 1%, and add an appropriate amount of acetic acid to adjust the pH to about 6.5, turn on the pump and heat up to 50°C at a rate of 3°C/min for 20 minutes, then dehydrate and steam dry (100℃), peeling, testing the physical properties of the yarn.


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