Study on Modification of PE Wax to Road-marking Paints Resin

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Traffic markings are mainly set on the road surface, subject to sun, rain, wind, snow and freezing, and impact and abrasion of vehicles, so there are strict requirements on its performance. Thermoplastic road marking paint have been widely used in traffic engineering.

1, The composition of thermoplastic road-marking paints

Extender pigments and fillers 47%—66%
Synthetic resin 15%-20%
Glass beads 18%-23%
Coloring pigment 2%-10%
Plasticizer and other additives 2%-5%

2. Requirements for thermoplastic resin
The most important component in thermoplastic paint is thermoplastic resin, which is characterized by its cohesiveness and quick-drying, which is exactly what road marking coatings require. Synthetic resins can combine coloring pigments, extender pigments, reflective materials, etc., adhere to the road surface, heat-melt and bond, make the coating have a suitable viscosity when melted, and dry to form a film after cooling.

Maleic anhydride modified C5 petroleum resin is the main resin of hot-melt marking paint, which has the advantages of high softening point, good adhesion, and low price.

3. Modification of marking paint resin by PE wax
Polyethylene wax is an important additive for hot-melt marking paint. Its main function is to reduce the viscosity of the resin, improve the fluidity, and increase the wear resistance and stain resistance of the coating film. High-quality polyethylene wax will also improve the quick-drying of the coating and make the filler difficult to settle.

In this article, polyethylene waxes with different indicators are mixed with resin/DOP in common ratios, and their softening point and viscosity are measured to evaluate the modification effect of polyethylene wax on petroleum resin.

Wax Index

Melting point Viscosity @140℃ Volatile
TS-5110 110 <25 1.50%
Imported FT wax 1 115 <20 <1%
Imported FT wax 2 112 <20 <1%
Imported PE wax 116 <20 >10%
Domestic PE wax 110 <60 >15%

Mix petroleum resin, DOP, and wax in a ratio of 14:1.5:1 to test the softening point

Test Result

Softening Point
TS-5110 107
Imported FT wax 1 109
Imported FT wax 2 104
Imported PE wax 100
Domestic PE wax 102

It can be seen from the above that TS-5110 is a polyethylene wax with a concentrated molecular weight distribution that has been finely cut and processed. It can significantly improve the softening point of the petroleum resin for road marking paint. It is better than general polyethylene wax and reaches imported Fischer-Tropsch wax. It is used for hot-melt marking paint with excellent effect.

Fischer-Tropsch Wax for Filler Masterbatches TS-5112 Name: Granule Fischer-Tropsch wax Model: TS-5112 Chemical Composition: FT Wax

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