Properties of HY-1121 Adhesion promoter

2021-11-30   Pageview:148

1, It is used to improve the adhesion of air-dry coating film to difficult adhesion.
2, Improve the adhesion is obvious, such as epoxy coating add HY-1211 after painting on glass, after 24 hours of boiling water soaking, and does not affect the adhesion. If it is not added, it will fall off and have no adhesion by this test.
3, The water resistance, corrosion resistance and salt spray resistance of the coating film with HY-1211 are greatly improved.
4, In addition to coatings, it is suitable for adhesives, elastomers, caulks, inks, etc., to improve the excellent adhesion for a long time.












The disadvantage of this matting curing agent is that the leveling property of the coating film is not as good as that of the cyclic amidine polycarboxylate matting curing agent, and its baking curing temperature is higher, and a curing accelerator is required. In order to obtain good mechanical properties and matting effects of the coating film, 2%~5% of the resin mass of the accelerator ZC-1 is added to the coating formulation.

XG628 matting curing agent is a polycarboxylic acid modified wax amine compound with a particle size greater than 350 mesh, volatile content less than 1%, white powder, suitable for polyester/TGI C powder coating systems. The carboxyl group of this matting curing agent reacts with the epoxy group of the TGI C towel; TGI C also reacts with the polyester resin. Due to the different curing reaction speeds, the compatibility of the reaction products and other issues, the matting coating film is produced. When the acid value of the polyester resin is different, the mass ratio between TGI C and XG 628 also changes accordingly. In the polyester resin with an acid value of 30~35rngKOH/g, the ratio of polyester resin, TGI C, and XG 628 It can be determined according to the following ratio: polyester resin: TGIC: XG628=93: (7+X)·X, X represents the amount of XG628, the more the amount of XG628, the better the matting effect. The melt viscosity and reactivity of the polyester resin have a significant effect on the smoothness of the appearance of the coating film. The curing condition of this matting curing agent is 190℃/15~20min or 200℃/12~15min.

XG665 matting curing agent is a white powder with a solid content of 98.5%, a glass temperature of 60~62℃, and an epoxy value of about 0.2eq/100g. This matting curing agent is an acrylic resin containing glycidyl groups. It can be combined with TGI C or HAA ( (Hydroxyalkylamide) is matched to obtain a matte polyester powder coating. The film appearance and mechanical strength of this powder coating is very good, and the weather resistance is also very good. The gloss of the coating film can be adjusted by changing the dosage of XG665 or changing the dosage of TGI C or HAA, which decreases with the increase of the dosage of XG665. In the HAA system, the gloss of the coating film (60″) can be reduced to 20%; in the TGI C system, the gloss of the coating film (60*) can be reduced to less than 10%, and the lower the gloss of the coating film, the better the leveling. The curing condition of powder coating is 180℃/30min or 200℃/15min in HAA system and 200℃/20min in TGI C system.


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