Introduction of physical properties of SCG wax powder 1100F and 1100P

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There are many classifications of wax powder. The main function of general-purpose wax powder is to lubricate and dull, which can improve flow, obtain smooth surface, and increase scratch resistance. High-gloss wax is mainly used in the powder coating of ultra-fine silver powder, which promotes the floating of gold and silver powder to the surface of the powder coating, makes it more neatly arranged, exerts the best height of the silver powder itself and increases the surface gloss. Micronized wax mainly plays the role of defoaming, degassing, leveling, anti-settling, dispersion, improving surface hardness, and significantly improving.

EL-WAXTM is a homopolymer polyethylene wax produced by Thailand Polyethylene Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals. Due to the unique HDPE production process, as well as the adoption of high-tech closed-loop refining technology and strict production control, it has excellent quality and is widely used.

Application areas: hot melt adhesive, PVC, masterbatch, thermoplastic road signs, plastic additives, blended petroleum wax, rubber, fiber optic cable filling, candles

Uses: hot melt adhesive, PVC, thermoplastic road signs, color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, wax emulsion, cable filling, rubber, candles, milk film, cosmetics, etc.

The recommended melting temperature for EL-WAX is 130-180 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to use a blender to mix well before use. Please refer to the following different application methods for the recommended dosage: The recommended dosage of hot melt adhesive is to improve the fluidity of models based on polyolefin or EVA, and the recommended dosage is 10-30%. The recommended addition amount of thermoplastic road signs, with hydrocarbon resin as the base material, the recommended addition amount of 2-8% color masterbatch, to improve the dispersion effect of pigments and fillers in the polyolefin base material, the recommended addition amount of 5-10%. Fiber optic cable filling to improve the shielding effect of moisture erosion, the recommended addition amount is 5-10phr. The rubber protects the rubber from the erosion of electrostatic ozone and improves the dispersibility of carbon black in the rubber. The recommended addition amount is 2-10phr.

Candles can improve the opacity, mechanical properties of candles and prolong the burning time of candles. It is recommended to add 1-4%.

SCG wax powder model: SCG wax 1100F, SCG 1100P


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