Physical index of Cytec CYCAT 4040 catalyst

2021-11-19   Pageview:400

Type: P-TSA
Solvent: Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
Non-volatile content:40%
Acid value solution base:130~140
Density kg/m3 (23℃): 960
Maximum Gardner color value: 1
Flash point ℃ (closed cup): 21
Solubility in water: fully soluble
Solubility in xylene: insoluble













Light stabilizer and UV absorber
Light stabilizers are functional additives that can inhibit or delay the aging of film-forming polymer materials under light. There are many reasons for the aging of the coating film in the sun. The most important reason is the radiation of the sun. The photoaging of the coating film is manifested in the phenomenon of loss of gloss, fading, discoloration, cracking, chalking and leftover. The addition of light stabilizers can Improve the weather resistance of the coating film.

Light stabilizers can be divided into screen knocking agents, excited state energy scavengers, free radical traps, peroxide decomposers and ultraviolet absorbers according to their principle of action. The light stabilizers used more wax in the coatings industry are light shielding agents. In light and weather resistant powder coatings that require some special properties, two or more types of light stabilizers are used in matching.

The function of the light shielding agent is to make the coating film reflect or absorb ultraviolet rays and reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays, so that the inside of the coating film is not affected by ultraviolet rays. The representative ones are rutile titanium white, carbon black, zinc oxide, and silica pigments. And filler,
Excited state energy quencher is a polymer molecule that absorbs light and its molecular structure transitions to a high-energy excited state. Before photodegradation occurs, it quickly and effectively quenches the excited energy, so that the excited state molecules return to a stable ground state. Auxiliary agents that produce photodegradation, the representative varieties are nickel salts and nickel complexes, some hindered amines and other compounds.


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