Special Wax For Powder Coating Transfer Powder

2022-12-14   Pageview:196

Special wax for powder coating transfer powder. In powder coatings, wax series are widely used. The main functions are to improve the hardness, smoothness, degassing and defoaming of the coating, prevent agglomeration, wetting and dispersing, Aids in leveling, raising and lowering gloss, etc.

wax additive

Especially in recent years, the application of mold release in transfer printing powder and scratch resistance and boiling resistance in profile sand texture powder has increased.
1. The types of waxes used in powder coatings mainly include: Polyethylene wax, Polypropylene wax, Polytetrafluoroethylene wax, Polyamide wax, etc. Among them, in addition to the above-mentioned commonality of the wax series, each has its own advantages, such as cheap polyethylene, good matting effect of polypropylene, high hardness of polytetrafluoroethylene, and good degassing effect of polyamide.
2. The form of wax used in powder coatings: micropowder, powder, granule, flake, etc. The ones that can be added to the powder must be fine powders with good compatibility. The powder form has a good dispersion effect and is easier to help leveling.

In addition, Tianshi Wax Micropowder can also be used in the industry of pigment particles and modified plastics, which is helpful for the dispersion of fillers and excellent slipperiness during compounding. The amount added is 10-20% less than ordinary PE wax, and it can significantly improve the surface gloss of the product. Effectively wets the dye when melted, reducing extrusion viscosity when using intense colors

When used in ink as a granular powder, it can improve the wear resistance and wrinkle resistance of the applied material. When applied to the coating, it can have a wrinkling effect, and when used in a micro-powder state, it can form streaks and water-line wrinkling effects. The powder coating resin is added to lubricate during the extrusion process, which can reduce screw torque, reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.


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