Advantages of O-Ring ptfe Teflon coating

2021-09-28   Pageview:656

1, Permanently low coefficient of friction
2, Long-lasting dry film
3, No stick-slip effect
4, Improved aging resistance
5, Can be used in dynamic applications
6, Can be applied to a subset of rubber seal types












Among the factors that affect foam stability, the strength of the foam liquid film is more important. The strength of the liquid film is not only related to the tightness and firmness of its surface adsorption molecules, but also more closely related to the types of surfactant molecules adsorbed on the surface. Surfactant molecules with high surface viscosity will make the liquid film have higher strength. This not only makes the liquid film have good elasticity and mechanical strength, but also hinders the drainage and air permeability of the liquid film, thereby increasing the stability of the foam

Surface charge
If the liquid film of the foam has the same charge, the two surfaces of the liquid film will oxidized pe wax repel each other. Therefore, the charge has the effect of preventing the thinning of the liquid film and increasing the stability of the foam.
Ionic surfactant produces gas phase

When foaming, due to surface adsorption 11112)
As a result, surfactant ion +++xx
Will be enriched on the surface to form a negative
++The surface layer of liquid mold charge, and on the contrary, it is separated from ++
The sub is dispersed in the liquid film solution. The information obtained is a brief introduction. The Marangoni effect will only work when there is liquid in the coating film. As the coating film dries, the amount of liquid in the coating film will decrease. At this time, it will not be the Marangoni effect that stabilizes the foam, but the viscosity effect.


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