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Montan wax is a pale yellow lump. Slight montan smell. Melting point 60~85℃. It is freely miscible with various natural waxes. Insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, thermally soluble in xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene and other organic solvents. The main ingredient is meliskyl tetradecanoate. It can be directly added to food for foaming, moisture-proof and polishing. It can also be used as a peeling agent, a coating agent, etc. in food processing. It is obtained by separating and refining montan oil. The main components of montan wax are bee ester cerate and wax ester cerate.

my country is the world’s largest producer of rice, and montan is a by-product of rice processing. In the process of making oil from montan, the montan wax is separated along with the oil to obtain a by-product called wax paste. The wax paste is refined and purified to obtain bran wax. Montan wax is an ester mixture composed of higher fatty acids and higher monohydric alcohols. It is a by-product obtained from refining edible montan oil and an important raw material for oleochemical industry. Compared with synthetic wax, it has the advantage of non-toxicity and forms the current situation of using it with carnauba wax.

At room temperature, montan wax is suspended in the oil, and when the oil temperature increases, it tends to be in a mixed state of oil and wax. When the oil temperature drops below 25°C, it will precipitate in crystalline form. At present, bran wax is extracted by solvent extraction method at home and abroad. Solvent extraction is based on the difference in solubility of neutral oil, gum and wax in wax paste in certain solvents and at specific temperatures. Commonly used solvents include ethyl acetate, n-hexane, acetone, ethanol, etc., but it is still difficult to realize industrialization due to problems such as large solvent consumption, unsatisfactory separation effect, not extensive sources, and difficulty in recovery.

Montan wax is hard and fine crystal, light yellowish white to light brown solid, with a slight smell of rice, melting point 60~85℃. Soluble in chloroform, benzene, ethane, ether, glycerol, insoluble in ethanol, insoluble in water. Montan wax has a certain elasticity and can be used as a gum-based chewing aid, and because of its moisture-proof properties, it can be used as a coating agent, moisture-proof agent, bread and other mold release agents. Safe for food use, it is extracted and refined from montan oil with a solvent.

In the preparation of ternary azeotrope, considering that single-component solvent has limitations in performance, mixed solvent basically retains the advantages of each single-component solvent in performance, and can complement the shortcomings, so consider using mixture purification, to achieve better results. However, the use of mixed solvents increases the difficulty of solvent recovery. In view of this, the use of azeotropes can solve the difficulty of solvent preparation and recovery. Based on the experience that esters, ketones and alcohols can be activated with each other to improve the performance of the solvent, and considering the influence of the introduction of water, the ternary azeotrope of ethyl acetate-ethanol-water was used as the solvent for the purification of montan wax.

The purification method of montan wax is very simple. Take a certain amount of wax paste in a beaker, add a certain proportion of ternary azeotrope, stir and mix and purify at a certain temperature, and when the purified mixture is cooled to wax and oil layers, Centrifuge at 4000r/min for 20min. The centrifuged bran wax is rotary evaporated to separate the organic solvent to obtain solid bran wax.

Montan wax is mainly an ester composed of higher fatty alcohols and higher fatty acids. It has a high melting point and is precipitated at room temperature. Extracting montan wax from the by-product wax paste of montan oil refining not only significantly improves the quality of montan oil, but also extracts montan wax suppliers in many It has due value in aspects, montan wax is widely used in food, daily chemical, chemical industry and so on.

This product can be used instead of Sichuan wax and carnauba wax. It is mainly used as the main raw material for the extraction of high-carbon fatty alcohols (22~38 alkanols), used as cosmetics and medical supplies, as a spraying preservative for fruits and vegetables, and improves the storage quality. And improve the appearance, used as food packaging and food additives such as chewing gum and gum, manufacturing high-grade shoe polish, floor wax and polishing wax for furniture, automobiles, equipment, etc., leather finishing agent, etc., manufacturing high-grade printing ink, carbon paper ink, typing wax paper . Used as glossy paper, glued paper and other paper modifiers and paper product additives, to manufacture oil and emulsion for fiber processing, to improve the flexibility, lubricity and luster of fiber fabrics, for polyvinyl chloride as plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant. It is used as a thickener with excellent heat resistance for petroleum and lubricating grease, as an electrical insulating material, etc.


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