How to choose matting agent for solvent-based paint

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In the solvent-based system, the particle size of the matting agent should be based on the dry film thickness of the coating system and the desired surface properties of the film, the finer matting agent will make the surface of the film smoother and feel better, but its matting efficiency is not as good as the coarser matting agent. The closed-hole wood paint, the feel requirements are higher, so the finer matting agent should be used.















Coatings and inks often use not a single pigment, but two or more pigments, even one has a particle size distribution. Therefore, in this system, the particle size and interface potential are also different, and the agglomeration produced by this system is called hybrid flocculation.

In this system, when the interface potential is equal and the particle radius is different, wax additive technique the Vmx of the mixed system is close to the Vmax of the small particles.

When the interface potential and particle radius are different, such as pH between 3-9, SiO, and αAl yO. The sign of the charge is opposite, and it is easy to produce agglomeration when mixed. This phenomenon mostly occurs in the case of equal mixing. However, due to different particle size ratios, changing the mixing ratio, whether it is less than or greater than a certain ratio, is difficult to produce agglomeration. In other words, a particle is completely covered by another particle and it is not easy to agglomerate.

In non-aqueous systems, the resistivity is at least 10120 cm or less. In non-aqueous systems, the electrical function is not electrons, but ions. The potential p of the electrical double layer when the particle size a<1/K (it must be the case in non-aqueous systems) can be obtained by the following formula:
v=ur number exp[-K(r-a)](2-18) where r——the distance from the center of the sphere.
K is very small in non-aqueous systems, and K=0 at the limit.


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