Introduction of BYK-CERACOL 601

2021-12-10   Pageview:372

BYK-CERACOL 601 is used in solvent-borne coil coatings and solvent-borne and aqueous can coatings.

BYK-CERACOL 601 improves the following surface properties.
Scratch resistance.

Due to the easy incorporation properties of BYK-CERACOL 601, the product can be dispersed into coatings at a later stage.

Chemical composition: Brazilian carnauba wax
Solvent: Dowanol DPM
Additive dosage: 1,5-2 %
Typical physical and chemical data: Non-volatile content: 20 %
Melting point (wax): 85°C













In-depth research on the mechanism of Sb zOg-halide system shows that the main mechanism of action of the system is:
Oxide decomposition—-HX
Sb gOs+6HCI–2SbCla+3H, O
SbCl y+OH·–Sb OCl: +HCI
SbC h+H, O–SbCl(OH) +HCI
SbCl a+OH·—SbCl(OH)
SbCl y+0.S bOCk
SbC k(OH) +OH·–SbCl(OH)
SbCl(OH) +HCl SbC k+HO

The use of boride flame retardants in halogen-containing compositions can effectively reduce and reduce the smoldering characteristics of these compositions. Its characteristics are: low toxicity, good thermal stability, low price; compounding with other flame retardants not only has a good flame retardant effect, but also can significantly reduce the smoke when polymer materials are burned, so people are paying more and more attention. It has been widely used. Among the boron-based flame retardants, borax (Naz BO, 10HzO), boric acid (H: BOg) and their mixtures are the first to be widely used. Especially the mixture of borax and boric acid can improve flame combustion and flamelessness.

The ability to suppress combustion is widely used as the surface polypropylene copolymer wax flame-retardant technical treatment of flammable cellulosic materials such as wood, paper, and cotton. Barium metaborate has the effect of reducing toxic gas and smoke. It can be used as a filler and flame retardant in fire-resistant coatings, and has anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-virus and anti-ultraviolet effects. Zinc borate is a cheap flame retardant that can be used as a substitute for Sb zO. Its flame retardant effect is not as good as Sb gOs, but the price is only about 1/3 of Sb zO. This product can still retain crystal water at 260°C. Suitable for high temperature processing, zinc borate and halide have a good synergistic effect. Although inorganic flame retardants have many advantages, due to its relatively large filling volume and the influence of some inherent characteristics, it will reduce the fire retardant coating and The physical properties of the material and affect the performance.


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