The role of wax for heat sublimation transfer powder coating

2021-08-09   Pageview:399

Powder coating formulations often include various types of low molecular weight, low melting point wax powder in order to make the coating has a good cool scratch, anti-caking, wear resistance, matting, degassing and texturing effect, aluminum heat sublimation transfer powder coating experiments, found that many people are skeptical of adding wax powder in the formulation, think that after adding wax powder powder in the heat transfer powder coating will produce “sticky paper  The phenomenon of “sticky paper” was found. However, we found that the micronized wax uses has a positive effect on the paper release of the heat transfer powder coating for aluminum profiles during the experiment.

We found through the experiment that the appropriate addition of wax powder can increase the hardness of the coating, improve the leveling of the coating, help improve the “sticky paper” and the residual marks on the surface of the coating after the transfer, but some wax powder added to migrate to the surface is not conducive to the transfer, some matting wax powder has a promotional effect on the leveling of the coating, but has a great impact on the transfer effect.

Wax in powder coatings, but also can play a bonding effect, ultra-fine wax powder in the bonding temperature does not dissolve software, can be wrapped in powder coating particles, to prevent powder coating particles stick together. Relative to inorganic materials, wax powder as bonding isolating agent will not cause adverse effect on powder coating leveling.

Another role of wax in powder coating is degassing or defoaming effect, often used as coating defoamer to solve the problem of pinhole and depression of porous substrate, Tianshi related wax products have superior pollution resistance, very low addition amount and less impact on gloss.


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