Acrylic thickener for thickening water-based coatings

2021-08-20   Pageview:1371

Acrylic thickener is used in water-based coatings, textile slurry and other industries, in order to meet the production needs and construction needs, it is necessary to adjust the fluidity of the coating. For example, in the construction of water-based coatings, a suitable viscosity is often needed to avoid the problem of hanging during the construction, which affects the construction efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to add thickener to increase the viscosity of the system and to give the system good rheological properties.








The main classification of thickeners are acrylic thickeners, bonding thickeners, alkali-swelling thickeners, cellulose thickeners, etc.

Acrylic thickeners and micronized waxes are often used in water-based coatings. With the development of the construction industry, water-based coatings, which are easy to construct and clean up, have been more and more widely used.

However, since water-based coatings are configured with water as the dispersion medium, the viscosity is usually low, which is not easy to work with, and during storage, it is also easy to cause flocculation or settlement of pigments and fillers. Therefore, it is necessary to add thickening agent to increase the storage stability of water-based coatings and to give them good performance.


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