Performance characteristics of polyurethane associative thickeners

2021-08-21   Pageview:755

Thickening characteristics: generally provides excellent medium shear (KU) viscosity thickening efficiency and excellent leveling performance; excellent high shear viscosity thickening effect and excellent leveling performance in the formulation of large particle size emulsions to improve the fullness of the coating.
Excellent application performance: excellent can opening effect, excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, scrub resistance and stain resistance, as well as corrosion resistance and water resistance.
Excellent paint appearance: good flow, leveling performance and covering effect, uniform film thickness and film fullness, without affecting the gloss characteristics of the coating film.
Excellent environmental quality: no organic tin and APEO ingredients, safe to use.










Easy addition method: low viscosity liquid product, easy to add in paint production, good compatibility, no need to dilute before use, no need for alkali neutralization.
Wide pH range: non-ionic associative thickener, its own performance is basically unaffected by pH value, can be used in a wide pH range.
Reliable biological stability: resistant to degradation by microorganisms and enzymes.

Product characteristics
Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid
Composition: Polyurethane compound
Ionic properties: Non-ionic
Category: HEUR type
Solid content: 50%-52
Acid-base value: 7.0±0.1
Specific gravity: 1.04±0.01Kg/L
Viscosity: ≤3000CPS/25℃
Solvent Water: Solubility Soluble in water and water/glycol mixture


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