Coating thickener how to work?

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Cement mortar is widely used in construction work. Cement mortar is used as a binder for block masonry materials or for interior and exterior plastering. The good or bad of cement mortar directly affects the bonding and indoor and outdoor plastering effect, which shows that the status of cement mortar is very important in the construction project. However, in actual application, it often fails to achieve the desired effect, with problems such as cracking, shrinkage and insufficient tensile strength. Therefore, cement mortar is added with thickening agent for coating to solve the problem, so as to improve the leveling and viscosity.











Hazards of not adding thickener for paint

1, Insufficient viscosity will reduce production efficiency and delay the work period.

2, Scrape coating does not go on the wall, and the runoff is serious, resulting in waste.

3, Increase the input of cement mortar, resulting in higher production cost.

The product role of thickener for coating

1, Improve tensile strength, shear strength, bond strength and adhesion, and improve surface coating.

2, Good fluidity and self-leveling ability, reduce cracking and shrinkage.

3, its performance can be comparable with imported products, and the price has obvious advantages.

Application scenarios of thickening agent for coating.

The use of thickening for coating in the construction industry, in order to improve the leveling and viscosity of cement mortar and tile cement is insufficient to prevent the emergence of flow hanging, cracking, etc., so that the coating effect to achieve the desired effect, so as to improve the quality of construction projects. In addition, the thickening agent for coating is suitable for coating, spray coating, gypsum concrete slurry, mortar, with wax products and other systems.


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