What is the standard dosage of polyacrylamide thickener in coatings?

2021-08-22   Pageview:1026

Polyacrylamide can be used as thickening agent in glue, coating, fragrance making, building materials and other industries.











When polyacrylamide is used as thickening agent in paint, we should be clear about its usage and dosage standard.

When polyacrylamide is used as thickening agent in paint, it is dissolved first and then used. The concentration of dissolution is 1‰-5‰. Remember that the concentration is not too high, and the dissolution time should be more than 30 minutes.

The normal dosage standard is less than 3kg/ton of paint. This is the reference dosage.

According to our customer’s feedback, when our polyacrylamide is used as thickening agent, its dosage is very small and cannot be large. If the dosage is too large, it will make the viscosity of the paint bigger and the liquidity worse, and the effect is not good when using it.

Therefore, when polyacrylamide is used as a thickening agent in the coating industry, the smaller the dosage, the better.

Our polyacrylamide as thickener can be used in the coating industry, but also in water-based, oil-based, ink, lubricant, paint, printing, acidic products, detergent, toilet cleaner and other products to thicken, viscosity, the effect is very satisfactory.

Polyamide wax NEW-0451 as excellent thixotropy in various kinds of coating systems. It can provide good thickening, anti-settling and anti-sagging effect. Has good thixotropy, suitable for various kinds of solvent coating systems.


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