BYK DISPERBYK-163 dispersants for coatings

2021-09-27   Pageview:1089

DISPERBYK-163 has a lower molecular weight and polarity than DISPERBYK-162 and is mainly used in the production of general industrial coatings and pigment concentrates, and it has wider compatibility with various base materials than DISPERBYK-161 and DISPERBYK-162.













Calcium drier
Calcium drier has no significant drier effect, but when used in conjunction with cobalt drier, it can improve its drier effect, balance the surface dryness and the bottom dryness, and eliminate wrinkles. It is an auxiliary drier.

Calcium drier is often combined with cobalt/lead drier system. It has a special auxiliary effect. It montan wax manufacturers can form a complex with cobalt drier to prevent it from being absorbed by the pigment and lose its drying ability. It can be improved under low temperature and high humidity. The drying performance. In alkyd paints, it can adjust the strong surface drying properties of cobalt driers to improve wrinkles, frosting and other defects, and prevent the precipitation of lead driers in the alkyd resin to make varnishes muddy and colored paints foggy Loss of light and other problems. In situations where lead drier cannot be used, such as toy paint, calcium drier can be used instead of lead drier. Due to its poor drying performance, the amount is too much, which makes the paint film poor in water resistance. Like lead naphthenate, calcium naphthenate can be used as a wetting agent when pigments are dispersed to prevent blooming and improve dryness.

The calcium drier is acidic or neutral depending on the amount of naphthenic acid. Acidic calcium naphthenate has good solubility, but poor drying properties, while neutral or alkaline calcium driers have better drying properties. The use concentration of calcium driers is 4%, 6%, 10 %, the dosage is 0.05%~0.20%.


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