What is waterproof coating thickener?

2021-08-23   Pageview:280

Waterproof coating is too thin easily lead to coating cracking, water seepage, affecting the appearance of the coating. The resulting quality problems, not only to the manufacturer to bring negative impact, but also consumers will be annoyed. Waterproof coating thickener is a polymer polyacrylate, methacrylic acid copolymerization and cross-linked emulsion thickener.




Coating is a kind of liquid or solid material that can be applied to the surface of an object to form a solid coating film with protection and decoration. The amount of coating additives in the coating is very small, but can significantly improve the performance of the coating, has become an indispensable part of the coating.

In the process of mixing in the production equipment, due to gravity convection, it will cause hanging and blooming defects. So what is the status of coating thickener for coatings? In layman’s terms, a coating thickener is a rheological chemical additive that thickens the coating, rheology and controls the precise characteristics and features of the fluid product. Without adding paint thickener the paint will flow around like water.

Wax can also act as an anti-sagging agent. Welcome to inquire.



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