Features of waterproof coating thickener

2021-08-23   Pageview:638

1, Provide thixotropic thickening and can adjust the fluidity of the paint
2, Prevent paint film hanging phenomenon, can build up thick layer of paint
3, Prevent the splash of paint when coating (roll coating)
4, Produce suspension effect, prevent pigment deposition
5, Improve the liquid stratification of paint, so that the appearance of paint uniform
6, Inert to microorganism, salt, light acid and alkali
7, Stabilize the system and extend the storage period (bacteria, enzymes and chemical inertia)











The role of thickener for coating
1, Improve tensile strength, shear strength, bond strength and adhesion, improve surface coating.
2, Good fluidity and self-leveling ability, reduce cracking and shrinkage.
3, The performance is comparable to imported products, and the price has obvious advantages.

Waterproof coating thickener and wax additives can be used in the following industries
1. Water-based coatings
2. Water-based architectural coatings
3.Emulsified oil
5.Water-based paint
6. Printing paint
7. Ink, color paste
8. Adhesives
9.Cutting fluid
10.Other water-based systems


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