Amount Of Emulsifying Wax In Printing Glue

2023-05-11   Pageview:228

The amount of emulsified wax in the printing paste, the printing paste is the printing process, the sticky problem is mainly due to the continuous evaporation of water in the paste during the production process, the slurry gradually thickens, the viscosity becomes larger or the used The softness and hardness of the resin emulsion is not enough, which leads to stickiness and stickiness during the printing process.

Wax emulsion is added to the printing paste formula, and by being compatible with film-forming substances (resin emulsions such as acrylic acid, polyurethane, and silicone acrylic), it drifts to the surface of the paint film to form a stable coating layer, and the paint film feels plump and wear-resistant Strong scratch resistance and strong anti-sticking effect.

How to use wax emulsion to reduce the viscosity of printing glue?
Because the wax emulsion has a wide range of uses, it can be used in combination with various water-based mucilages. In the field of water-based printing glue, it can enhance the hand feeling, wear resistance, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-scratch, high-temperature anti-adhesion performance of the coating film, and can also improve the smoothness of application.

The wax emulsion can be diluted with any proportion of water without stratification, caking, demulsification, high solid content, long shelf life and good dispersibility. The imported wax emulsion is resistant to acid, hard water, alkali, strong water solubility and stable emulsion. Textile emulsified waxes are mainly divided into synthetic wax emulsions and natural wax emulsions. Tianshi synthetic wax emulsions are mainly polyethylene wax emulsions, natural wax emulsions such as carnauba wax emulsions, paraffin wax emulsions, etc., which are mainly used in textile yarns, textile post-processing, textile printing glue, etc.


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