What is SBS modified asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing material?

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SBS modified asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing is a SBS copolymer thermoplastic elastomer as a modifier, also known as high elasticity waterproof coating or high viscosity waterproof coating.

Modification of good quality petroleum asphalt, and add a variety of rubber, synthetic resins, surfactants, emulsifiers, anti-mold agents and other auxiliary materials, refined by the equipment of a highly elastic waterproof coating.













These reactive silicones cannot migrate to the upper coating film because they are fixed on the surface of the coating film. Therefore, the surface of the coating film must be thoroughly polished and cleaned before recoating to ensure sufficient interlayer adhesion.

Modified silicone additives are the anti-crater and leveling agent with the largest amount and the widest application range. This type of product can effectively reduce the surface tension of the coating, making the surface tension of the coating lower or even far lower than that of the substrate The critical surface tension helps the coating to fully wet the surface of the substrate and spread on it completely, prevent shrinkage caused by contamination of the substrate or low surface tension of the material itself, and increase the adhesion of the coating to the substrate. In addition, this type of product can also reduce the surface tension of the coating to be lower carnauba wax dispersion than the low surface tension of the insoluble particles in the coating or foreign dust, oil droplets, paint mist and other foreign particles in the coating film, which inhibits the possibility of Shrinkage caused by. Modified silicone anti-cratering agent and leveling agent can also quickly migrate to the surface of the coating film by virtue of its low surface tension after the coating is applied to form a uniform film, which on the one hand slows down the volatilization of the solvent Speed, prolong the leveling time. On the other hand, this low surface tension film promotes the surface tension of the coating film to quickly reach the surface tension.

Coating additives
Homogenization, thereby reducing and eliminating the upper and lower convection of the wet film surface flow caused by the surface tension gradient, that is to say, eliminating the surface defects such as orange peel, brush marks, and fading.
Some typical modified silicone anti-cratering and leveling agents.


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