The characteristics of pigments in paint industry

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Excellent pigments for coatings should have the following properties: excellent light resistance, weathering resistance, low temperature resistance; good hiding power, coloring power; color does not penetrate easily, no migration; excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance; compatible with most thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics.











1, Pigments for coatings should have a good linkage In the preparation of nano coatings, it is expected that the pigments can be well linked to the coating base and can reach a good fineness in time. In the solvent-based coating assessment, more generally used as pigments, while in water-based coatings, pigment pastes are taken more and more, resist contamination and improve efficiency.

PE wax powders can achieve a better performance for solvent-based coating.

2, Excellent light resistance and weather resistance

The light resistance and weather resistance of pigment, as a pigment for outdoor coating in China, is a very important indicator with special test assessment standard specification. However, after washing of pure white pigment, the light resistance and weather resistance often change, and both of them have obvious decreasing trend.

3, Some pigments are not acid resistant and therefore cannot be involved in acidic paints, and paints should not be used in acidic environments. Such as zinc oxide, cadmium pigment, ultramarine, etc. and department inorganic chemical pigment.

4, The water resistance of the coating nature of the water resistant pigment is poor. If the water resistance is poor, the shade of pigment is easy to seep and a black spot with streak occurs. Most of the pigments are waterproof.

5, Most inorganic pigments are not solvent resistant and solvent resistant. And some organic chemical pigments dissolve and bleed in strong solvents. Therefore, the choice needs to be careful.


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