Introduction of a defoamer of powder coating

2021-08-27   Pageview:411

It is a special alcohol ester as the main raw material, with a variety of active additives refined, is a fast powder defoamer. Most of the powder coatings are thermosetting powder coatings made of synthetic resin dried at high temperature, with low energy consumption and strict requirements for the production temperature, high or low temperature will produce foam. It will affect the construction difficulty and appearance image, then you can choose to use powder coating defoamer.














The characteristics of powder coating defoamer: high solid content, low dosage, fast defoaming, long-lasting foam inhibition, good water solubility, can be diluted after use. Good heat resistance, chemical stability, non-combustible, non-explosive.

Our powder coating defoamer is a defoamer specially developed for powder coating foam in cooperation with research institutes, with fast defoaming and long-lasting foam inhibition, and it will not produce pores and small pinholes on the product.

Fire-retardant coatings play such an important role, so when configuring fire-retardant coatings, they must have good fineness and viscosity. Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and good construction performance. In order to ensure its good product performance, its formula and production process are the key.

Fire retardant coatings generally use water as a solvent system for reasonable configuration, and the viscosity is relatively low. Generally, thickeners are added to effectively adjust the viscosity data during the production resource allocation management process, and flame retardants, catalysts, and film forming aids are also added. Additives, emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersants, etc.

The wax additive amount of these additives is small, but it plays an important role in improving the technical performance of the coating product. It can also give the fire-resistant coating good physical properties, making it more convenient for engineering construction and storage.

If the foam is not processed in time during the production process of the fireproof coating, surface defects such as pinholes and fish eyes will appear during the construction process, which will affect the aesthetics of the construction and the decorative effect.


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