Anti-preservative coating defoamer you deserve

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Anti-preservative coatings, generally divided into conventional anti-preservative coatings and heavy anti-preservative coatings, is an essential coating in paint coatings. Conventional anti-preservative coatings are used under general conditions to prevent corrosion of metals and protect the life of non-ferrous metals; heavy anti-preservative coatings are used in relatively harsh corrosive environments and have a longer protection period than conventional anti-preservative coatings.












Anti-preservative coating blistering phenomenon

After a short period of time after the anti-preservative coating, the paint film will appear automatic expansion, displacement, shrinkage, wrinkling, bubbles in some areas, and even make the underlying paint film lose adhesion, the phenomenon of the lower layer of the coating is bitten off.

It is a compound product of organic polyether esterification, mineral oil and alcohol, which is refined by special process. It has the properties of self-emulsification, easy dispersion, strong versatility, good defoaming and long-lasting foam inhibition. It will not produce surface defects or affect film formation, and has special effect on anti-preservative coating system. During the production, packaging and application of anti-preservative coatings, it controls the generation of foam, has good compatibility with a wide range of systems, has a long-lasting validity, and is effective in a wide range of PH.

The amount of anti-preservative coating defoamer to be added is 0.05~0.3% of the total product amount, and the suitable amount to be added will be determined after experimental testing.

Be used in powder coating, PEW-0278A can provide high hardness, can increase the scratch resistance, and can assist in matting. Will not smoke under 180 ℃ baking.


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