Metal ion type inorganic antimicrobial agent

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Metal ion type inorganic antimicrobial agent is loaded with metal ions with antimicrobial function on various inorganic natural or synthetic mineral carriers, and the carriers slowly release antimicrobial active ions when used, so that the products have the effect of antimicrobial and bactericidal. One of the best application of metal ions are Ag +, Cu + +, Zn + +, etc.











The minimum amount of water required for the hydrolysis reaction of the silane coupling agent
A silane coupling agent
If you do not know the specific surface area of ​​the filler, you can first treat the filler with a 1% (mass fraction) silane coupling agent solution, and change the concentration for comparison to determine the applicable concentration.
Surface treatment method of silane coupling agent solution

For surface treatment, first mix the silane coupling agent into an aqueous solution or an alcohol solution, treat the filler or substrate by dipping, spraying or brushing, and then dry or dry at room temperature for 24 hours.
Preparation of silane coupling agent and alcohol aqueous solution. Mix 95% (mass fraction) of EtOH and 5% (mass fraction) of Hz O into alcohol-water solution, add Ac OH to make pH=4.5~5.5. Add silane coupling agent to make The concentration is 2%, and hydrolyzate containing =Si-OH can be generated after 5min of hydrolysis. When using an amino-containing silane coupling agent, it is not necessary to add HOA. c. The alcohol aqueous solution treatment method is not suitable for chlorosilane coupling agents, because it is prone to condensation reaction in the alcohol-water solution. When the above 2% trifunctional silane coupling agent solution is used for treatment, a silane coupling agent coating with a thickness of about 3-8 molecules is obtained on the substrate.

Preparation of silane coupling agent aqueous solution: Dissolve the alkoxy silane coupling agent in water (a little alcohol can be added) to prepare a 0.5%~2.0% (mass fraction) solution. If you use poorly soluble silane, you can add 0.1% (mass fraction) of non-ionic surfactant in the water to prepare an aqueous emulsion, and then add Ac OH to adjust the pH to 5.5 (amino-containing silane coupling Exceptions). Generally, the stability of alkoxy-type silane coupling agent aqueous solutions is very different. The neutral alkoxysilane aqueous solution can be stable for several hours, and the ammonia hydrocarbon silane coupling agent aqueous solution can be stable for several weeks; long-chain alkyl and aryl silanes The solubility parameter is low, so this method cannot be used to prepare aqueous solutions. When preparing the silane coupling agent aqueous solution, montan wax production it is not necessary to use deionized water, but water containing fluoride ions cannot be used.


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