A water-based coating defoamer introduction

2021-08-31   Pageview:320

Water-based paint defoamer, it is composed of polyether esters, mineral oils, dispersion solvents, hydrophobic silica and other components. With the progress of society, the paint industry is more popular, low pollution also plays a decorative role, but water-based paint in the process of use, will encounter foam problems, resulting in the brush out of the wall is not beautiful, then how should we solve the foam problem? There are water-based paint defoamer to help you solve.











Foam problem: foaming during production/construction
Dosage: 0.05~0.3
Color: light yellow / milky white liquid

The characteristics of water-based coating defoamer: fast defoaming, long-lasting foam inhibition, low dosage, does not affect the basic nature of the foaming system; good heat resistance, chemical stability, non-flammable and non-explosive.

Water-based coatings in the process of construction due to the presence of surfactants, and is the brush when dragging the brush back and forth, the bubbles generated did not eliminate, the surface viscosity is too large and other reasons lead to a large number of bubbles.

If these bubbles are not dealt with in a timely manner, then curing volatilization by the coating film into a honeycomb, color color formation off, affecting the beauty and increasing costs, it is time to use wax for water-based paint defoamer to solve it.

Our water-based paint defoamer is a defoamer for water-based paint foam problem and research institute cooperation, defoaming fast, strong foam inhibition.


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