3 features of DH-4073 leveling and wetting agent

2021-10-01   Pageview:574

1, Strong reduction of dynamic and static surface tension.
2, Improves substrate wettability, promotes spreading, resists oil stains, prevents shrinkage and improves leveling.
3, DH-4073 leveling wetting agent has excellent resin solubility, water and oil general purpose, with certain defoaming properties















Cerium ammonium nitrate is used as the initiator to initiate the grafting reaction of corn starch with methacrylonitrile. By increasing the monomer concentration and prolonging the reaction time, the grafting rate can be increased. The initiator concentration and reaction temperature have a more obvious influence on the grafting rate. Above 45°C, no grafting reaction occurred. When cerium ammonium nitrate 0.002mol/L, methacrylonitrile 0.755mol/L, reaction temperature 35°C, reaction time 180min, molecular weight of polyethylene wax it was found that there was grafting in the crystallization area of ​​starch. The reaction occurs 10.

Living free radical polymerization initiator
I nifer ter initiator is based on the characteristics of living polymerization and the reaction mechanism of free radical polymerization. In the free radical polymerization system, an initiator with both initiation, transfer and termination functions is introduced to make the polymerization reaction controllable. A method of polymerization. In fact, it is the continuous insertion reaction of the R-R’ bond of the monomer molecule into the initiator molecule, and the structure of the obtained polymer product is characterized by fragments with initiator at both ends. There are many compounds that can be used as I nifer ter initiators, which are generally divided into two categories: thermo-activated (thermo i nifer ter) and photo-activated (photo i nifer ter). The initiation mechanisms are respectively as shown in formula (4-35) and formula (4-36) shown. The main light-activated Inifer ter initiator.


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