LDC909 compound water-based adhesive formula product

2022-05-12   Pageview:473

Hankins LDC909 is a kind of self-crosslinking emulsion with special functional groups, which is polymerized by chloroprene-acrylic emulsion interpenetrating network. , used for compounding of sponge, foam, leather, plastic, paper, fabric, building materials, etc.

Hankins LDC909 has high cohesive strength, heat resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance, and has good adhesion to metals and non-metals. Used in woodworking, furniture, shoemaking, construction, electronics, textile, transportation, machinery and other sectors. Can be made into contact adhesive. The application of blending technology to modify the 909 emulsion can endow new products with new features different from the original formulation system, and achieve rapid bonding to substrates.

HankinsLDC909’s excellent initial viscosity and fast crystallization speed make it suitable for sponge lamination, as well as fabrics, leather and other industries such as lamination with sponge; after modification, it can be used as spray glue to replace traditional all-purpose glue and neoprene Emulsion; can be used as the main component of paper adhesive, used for spray pasting, water-based sealing glue, laminating glue, laminating glue, etc.

HankinsLDC909 can be mixed with other adhesive emulsions to improve its bonding strength and peeling force; it can be used as the main component of pressure-sensitive adhesives for special labels; ft wax, it can be formulated into a long-term stable coexistence two-component system with latent active crosslinking agent B30S. The polymer of Hankins LDC909 has good water resistance and chemical inertness, making it very suitable for industrial applications, such as gasket slurries, adhesion promoters for water-based anti-corrosion coatings, elastic anti-corrosion filling pastes, etc., used in marine, aerospace industry.

HankinsLDC909 has soft film formation, strong toughness, good adhesion, high damping coefficient and good insulation performance. It can be used as the main adhesive of damping slurry damping board.

HankinsLDC909 has good adhesion and fast positioning effect. At present, it is widely used in the automobile industry, and it has a good application in PVC, leather and ABS+PC skeleton. At the same time, other water-based internal rubber types in other automobiles often become an indispensable formulation component, which greatly promotes the water-based interior of automobile interior adhesives and is a key product for the development of green automotive materials.


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