How to consider whether the defoamer is suitable with your system?

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1, Whether the system of defoamer is suitable for your industry. Because there are oil-based and water-based defoamers, different defoamers are used in different industries.
2, The amount of alcohol or organic solvent in the system. Because alcohol has defoaming effect, there will be some interference effect.
3, The applicable PH range of defoamer. Strong acid and strong alkali environment on the requirements of the defoamer is more demanding, which needs to be explained with the defoamer manufacturer carrier environment.
4, The longevity of the defoamer.











Some defoamers start very well, and then leave a period of time the effect is poor. There are many influencing factors, at least two reasons.
(1)  defoamer is capacitated by surfactants
(2) defoamer main agent can be absorbed by the gum resin.

The ability to defoam under static conditions. When the bubble-generating liquid back into the storage tank or directly in the packaging drum, this time if the defoaming fast can also be. wax emulsion manufacturers for coatings.

In the dynamic situation of the ability to defoam
(1) relatively closed small space dynamic defoaming effect. Because of the involvement of gas into the bubble, the external short time air pressure is reduced, which is more conducive to the generation of bubbles, stable. Wetting agents and emulsifiers have a contraction effect on the gas inside the bubble, a nothing, tens of thousands of millions will be considerable.
(2) open dynamic defoaming effect, a single flexo printing transformation into a varnishing machine did not, on the glue roller inking roller of the narrow space open high speed flip, generate bubbles quite fast. Below we introduce the different types of coating defoamer have what characteristics and their applications.


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