Price of coating defoamers for solvent based systems

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Appearance : Colorless transparent liquid
PH value: 5-8
Composition: polyether
Solubility in water: good
Product grade: Industrial grade












Product introduction
Paint defoamer is a mixture of foam-breaking polymer and organosilicon fluoroalkane; it can continuously remove the foam generated in the production, packaging and construction of oil-based paint systems. The defoamer has outstanding anti-foaming, the defoamer features in the system to play the role of foam control, not affected by the PH.

Performance characteristics
1, Antifoaming, strong foam inhibition, low dosage, does not affect the basic nature of the foaming system.
2, Good heat resistance, chemical stability, non-combustible, non-explosive.
3, The performance is comparable with imported products, and the price is more obvious advantage.

Application areas
Paint defoamer/ptfe modified wax mainly for; oil-based polyurethane system has excellent foam inhibition and foam-breaking function, oil-based screen printing ink / lubricant / oil-based glue in the use of significant effect of oil-based screen printing ink / lubricant / white oil / oil-based glue in the use of significant effect. It can be widely used in high viscosity ink, electronic solder resist ink, screen printing UV ink, brush type wood paint, PU paint, plastic/flooring paint, polyurethane paint, nitro paint, wood paint, top coat, metal paint, car paint, construction paint, varnish, etc.

Reference dosage
In order to get sufficient defoaming effect, it is recommended to add the defoamer in the grinding process and specifically use solvent-based defoamer in the paint mixing process, which can make the defoamer quickly and evenly dispersed. The recommended dosage is 0.1-0.5% of the total amount, the specific dosage must be tested before use, and the dosage should not be too much to avoid the phenomenon of shrinkage.
Package and storage
Package: 25KG/50KG/120 KG/200KG in barrel, special package will be decided separately.

Storage: Not dangerous goods, non-combustible, sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place indoors. 25℃ shelf life of 12 months.

Transportation: The product should be sealed well during transportation to prevent moisture, strong alkali and strong acid and impurities such as rainwater from mixing in.


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